Here, you will find links to web resources I've found useful in my own research, as teaching aids, or are just plain fun. The topics represented here are not organized all that carefully, so have fun hunting and pecking around. You'll almost certainly learn something, or find something to enjoy.

Review of Snell's Law, Reflection and Refraction from the Khan Academy

1 lecture on Snell's Law, and 8 lectures on Reflection & Refraction writ large

The Honey Bee Algorithm by John Bartholdi (my uncle!) and colleagues

in a promo for the Golden Goose Awards from the National Science Foundation

Cuttlefish Video #1, Cuttlefish Video #2,

Cuttlefish are, quite simply, the best

Neural Data Science by Phillip Berens

Lecture series on spike detection and feature extraction from neural data

Fun with Animals

Imaging Systems

Vision & Neuroscience

Imaging Systems, Image Processing, and Computer Vision by Hani Farid

Mathematics and conceptual development of basic processes and tools

Review of Singular Value Decomposition by Steven Brunton

43 mini lectures on a variety of topics

Math Reviews

Essential Statistics by Phillip Berens

Review of basic statistical concepts and practices. Great for undergraduates!

Name the animals! Answers are upside down: